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Power processes for Peak performance and Personal Achievement 
"Re-calibrate your mind - Regenerate your life" 
- L Jay Morton
The BeliefHack Brainery -  A unique online Education School for specialized learning and mental strategies for leadership, personal and organizational growth & development and simply creating more personal Awesomeness!
With a driving passion to add value to the lives of many by sharing my experience, expertise, & personal awesomeness :-)
As well as being transparent and authentic in sharing the struggles and the lessons learned from the 'life happens' S%$T / stuff that I have navigated; "Growing Through Tragedy" on my personal journey... 
- The BeliefHack Brainery was created.
A unique online learning school and resource offering courses, video trainings, audio programs, live training & coaching, speaking, consulting and more... 
What you will learn - The curriculum is founded in advanced mental strategy incorporating -
Applicable Mindfulness for performance enhancement.  
'NLP in action' TM.  
Advanced 'Neuro Plasticity Programming' Tm.  
Success Psychology for everyday living
Guided Imagery & Powerful Visualization Techniques you can implement today for a better tomorrow and more cool stuff! 

These programs are designed and specialized for applicable facilitation - Power Processes for Character Alteration and Peak Performance that you can actually use in your life for immediate positive resuilts
Leon J Morton  (L Jay) - 
- National Facilitator and Master Coach for top US business consulting firm Envision U  
- Mind-Body Integration Specialist. 
- Integrative NLP Master Trainer in two disciplines. - Named in the Who’s Who of American Executives an Entrepreneurs induction 1997
- 5 star rated Digital Course Creator & Educator 2019
- Published Author  'Success is a State of Mind'

“Reality leaves much to the imagination... learn to direct your imagination, and you learn to direct the successes in your world and your reality”
Current Offerings include freelance consulting and training programs, group & individual performance coaching.  Speaking engagements specializing in:
Personal Performance Enhancement
Communication Rapport program - 'Language Leaves Clues' Sleuthing your way to successful communication in every setting.
Mindfulness integration & Stress Management
Success Psychology Modules conditioning 
Elite performance and elevated results through 'Plasticity Programming' TM.
Mind Body health and wellness coaching & consulting
Specialized guided imagery, visualization for peak performance for small groups and individual sessions - Mental Movie Directing 101

Companies and past clients:
Ford Motor Company
NFL Detroit Lions,
Gannett Publications 
LifeStyle Lift
Top Educational Institutions 
Featured on: TODAY, NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox
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